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This was a very positive experience for me, and it was nice to know I had someone helping me the entire process (..) I would definitly recommend him to my friends and family. 

Working with Dr. Juan and his team has been the best decision I made when TPS was approved for Venezuelans. He treated me very cordially. Today my case is going great and I am very happy! A new life! A new opportunity in this wonderful country!

Excellent attorney and so is the team he works with. I felt taken care of and so did my sister. We highly recommend Mr. Lozada.


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Affirmative asylum



Defensive asylum



Status adjustment




Every day, those of us who make up The Law Office of JAL, wake up in the morning with a firm purpose: to transform lives.

On the way to fulfill that mission that motivates us, we have met a group of people who, like us, are committed to their growth and expansion, working every day to meet their goals, improve their quality of life, achieve their dreams and build a better society based on mutual support.

Juan Antonio Lozada has called this community of dedicated and committed people La Tribu. Together with them, he seeks to generate changes and #EmpoderarDeConocimiento.

is a unique and powerful community that works every day for your dreams, strives and acts to achieve the change you desire in your life and that of your family. You are our engine and our reason for being.

To be part of La Tribu is to belong to an empowering community, to find support in a community of sensitive and strong human beings.


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